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I thought I had mentioned before that I think Maria=Beatrice.

Especially when the cousins remark about her "Being too young to remember Battler", which strikes me as a clue that she DOES know more than she lets on. Perhaps the real reason she's so cold around him at first is because she has knowledge of his sin?
The sin is not between Battler and Beatrice so if the sin is between Battler and Maria, then Maria can't be Beatrice. Beatrice is however clearly saddened by Battler not remembering it, and that makes me think it is between someone Beatrice is/was close too and Battler. This means that Battler's sin would be between Battler and either Maria or Kinzo.

I have a theory for Battler's sin, but it's not ready yet, so I will refrain from posting it now. I Still got some small problems to work out with ep 5.

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