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Originally Posted by Workworkwork View Post
I thought I had mentioned before that I think Maria=Beatrice.

Especially when the cousins remark about her "Being too young to remember Battler", which strikes me as a clue that she DOES know more than she lets on. Perhaps the real reason she's so cold around him at first is because she has knowledge of his sin?
I don't see how that's a clue in the slightest, and as I think Maria would be 3 at the last conference, I don't believe she could remember anything, particularly when she states that she doesn't recognize Battler when she meets him for the first time.

Well... this becomes very interesting if she received it... before October4...
Even then it's still a problem. Assuming that Meta-Beatrice and the "Beatrice" on the game board are the same person (something I do believe due to Beatrice stating in the end of Game 3 that Battler would see her true form if he didn't cover his ears), then since it's stated in red that Beatrice gave a letter to Maria, one would then concluded that Beatrice isn't Maria.
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