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It's possible that they're both true, if she obtained the umbrella from "Beatrice" on a previous occasion. Although that makes her answer of "Kinzo" in EP4 an anomaly...

That's an interesting perspective for sure, I think it's worth pursuing that line of thought.
Battler never actually heard who the letter came from in ep4, as I recall. And Rosa was telling everyone secondhand during the conference, where he also wasn't in attendance.

Of course, if Rosa really did say this, it lends some credence to the theory that Rosa is lying about meeting Beatrice in the rose garden and that she might have actually told Maria to say who it was from. Since in ep4 Kyrie advances the theory that Kinzo is dead, Rosa might have altered her plan for some reason (although suggesting Kinzo is actually alive doesn't help the blackmail position, but perhaps that isn't her real plan).

Alternately, it's just a load of bunk in a scene whose veracity is questionable.
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