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Originally Posted by Geekodot View Post
I have a theory for Battler's sin, but it's not ready yet, so I will refrain from posting it now. I Still got some small problems to work out with ep 5.
Let me preempt at this opportunity to present my hypothesis on Battler's sin, again.

Battler, 6 years ago, had made a load of promises like the one "I will ride on a white horse for you"to Shannon. He made promise as well to Maria to see her every family meeting or regard her as her sister as well or something like that. Of course, like the "white horse promise", he did not say it too seriously and he left Ushiromiya family afterwards.

Maria complained that Battler was missing in the coming meeting and real Beatrice knew it. Soon, Maria forgot about Battler after a few years' time due to her young age. However, real Beatrice DID remember it.

After Battler's return, real Beatrice observed that Maria was rather happy around Battler, compared to Jessica and George being with Maria. And Battler did show her brotherly love which was lacking from Jessica and George. She wondered, if Battler was not absent from all these meetings, would Maria darken to this black witch and even vowed to kill Rosa to avenge for Sakutarou. Her answer was negative. She even imagined what the whole Ushiromiya family would like if Battler were present throughout these family meetings. She believed Battler's positive aura would affect everyone around him: Rosa would be less irritable, Rudolf would focus more on his family rather than his shady business, Eva would use her wits more against Battler rather than solely on targeting Krauss. Battler served to be the mediator and lubricant of the family.

If Maria had someone like Battler to care for her as a brother, she would not suffer and hate her mom so much now. If Maria was not suffering this much, she would not hate Rosa so much and deem the Ushiromiya family as fractured so deeply, then she would not say to Maria to take her to the Golden Land and held a trial over Ushiromiya family. She loved the Ushiromiya family but at the same time loathe at it. She knew the current plan could not be stopped now. She promised Maria to bring her to the Golden Land, and to accomplish this, she had to execute the plan she prepared long ago. Unlike Battler, Beatrice kept her promises, even though she knew she could stop right now.

Why did you not realize your own position and significance to the whole Ushiromiya family? Why did you not hold your promise to come see Maria each family meeting and treat her as your own sister but leave the family? Why did you just focus on your father Rudolf's re-marriage and forget about Maria and the impact over the whole Ushiromiya family. This is your last chance to redeem yourself, and by realizing how importance how yours value to the family, you pass the test and I shall bestow the title of the head of Ushiromiya family, the gold and let you survive, then you would restore Ushiromiya family just like what Kinzo did 30 years ago.

But if you don't realize it and still forget about the promise you made 6 years ago, that's your sin, Battler.

You disappointed me, as the last surviving memebers of Ushiromiya family. Am I hoping for an impossible miracle from the beginning?

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