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When you think about it, with the 07151129 letters being sent out on October 3rd, the ring of the head was already in someone else's possession. If we trust the "past" scenes from EP5, then how did someone get their hands on it? Kinzo's death was being covered up well enough that (apparently) even Jessica didn't know about it, and someone would have to be on Rokkenjima to snag the ring anyway.

The person who wrote the letters is obviously on the island for the conference, since you see the text in EP3. Additionally, the (claimed) identity of everyone on the island is known. So either people can still arrive on the island (hey, Erika managed it), or someone in that crowd is the author.

The financial situation of all the adults is supposedly poor, so it makes no sense for them to be handing out a bunch of cash. At the same time, it would be really hard for the cousins to be hiding a vast sum of money as well. Would it be possible for the servants?

Not sure where this is going, but maybe people have some ideas about what the deal is.
The financial situation for the adults themselves is poor, BUT there is one adult that is controlling Kinzo's fortune is it not? The very same person that hides his death in order to not lose that advantage. Of course I am talking about Krauss.

He is the only person I can think about that could've prepared all this money, and if he sent the letters on october 3rd, he might be one of the first people to know of Ange's absence too.

This doesn't make Krauss the murderer, but there is a good reason to think that he is at least involved in some murders as well as the master plan (if there even is one).
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