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If a letter containing the ring really was delivered to the conference in Episode 5 (yes, this is a big if), then the red significantly narrows down who could have done it. That person is probably the one who had control of the ring.

The letter would have to have been delivered before midnight, since the person who left it wasn't in the mansion at that point and couldn't have entered afterwards. It also must have been after the conference started, which was apparently around 11:30. Pretty much the only people who had the opportunity to do it in that time period without getting caught were Nanjo, who was unaccounted for up until midnight, and Kumasawa, who supposedly went to bed in the guesthouse at 9:30 but could have snuck out a window.

Gohda could have snuck out a window too, but he was on duty in the servants' room at the time, so he'd have had to worry about the cousins looking for him. One of the cousins might have been able to manage it, but it sounded like Erika was with them for a short period before midnight, so they'd have had a very tight window. The cousin in question would also need to get away from the others somehow, or they'd need to be conspiring together, which seems really unlikely.
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