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Originally Posted by Raiza Sunozaki View Post
Yeah, the death order in Episode 4 is the most confusing part of it. Because Battler doesn't see any of the deaths until the second day (excluding George) we don't know when on the first day they died. As well, there's that scene where Beato is talking and celebrating with Goldsmith. I think it's either the culprit talking to themself, or a conversation between culprits, so if it's taking place at the time it's shown, then at least two people are still alive at that time. One of them leaves to oversee Maria's test, and the other meets with Battler. Their conversation leaves her in a really foul mood, and she kills the other culprit, if there was one.
I'm pretty sure George was discovered on the second day, because he discovered him after the phone call and by then Oct 5th starts. he discovered Gohda and Kumasawa in the shed and then he saw George at the arbor. I may have to reread it to make sure, but that was how I remembered it.
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