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Koi, you're forgetting it was raining. Any blood spilt would've washed away in the rain, and it's easy to prepare a tarp or a way to transport the corpse through the mansion that would avoid spilling blood.

On the order of deaths, considering it's safe to assume the constant that the original six "victims" of the first twilight initially don't die, then isn't it likely that everyone in the mansion, including them, were drugged while waiting for Kinzo to appear, and imprisoned with the other people? Then the culprit either convinced Kumasawa and Gohda to lie or forced them too, making Battler believe they were dead from the beginning. Then Battler gets agitated faster than they expected, and Beato is forced to stall for time while they prepare the corpses scattered throughout the mansion and it's grounds, so she makes him go on a wild goose chase to the chapel and back.
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