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Originally Posted by rogerpepitone View Post
The shed's lock is described in Episode 1. The shed has a lock of its own, and there's a place to attach a separate padlock.

As for Battler getting into the shed in Episode 4, I took it as:
- He hit the door with the axe a few times to make a hole in the door big enough for the wire cutters.
- He then used the wire cutters to make a hole in the door big enough to walk through.

My question about the shed in Episode 4 is: When / why did Gohda / Kumasawa get the key in the first place? In Episode 1, Kanon is the last person to use the shed; Gohda gets excused from non-cooking duties during a conference; Kumasawa probably isn't strong enough to do the lifting required and wouldn't normally use the key; there's no reason for either of them to have been carrying the key before the first twilight. They're described as running straight from the first twilight to the guesthouse; they wouldn't have picked up the key along the way. There's no mention of going into the mansion to pick up the key, and there's no mention of the key already left outside the shed. To me, that suggests that the whole first twilight was fake; Gohda and Kumasawa were in on it.
They found a new lock in the garden shed, and threw the key to Gohda. Just like what was done in EP1. I suppose
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