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Originally Posted by Apple iGeek View Post
What Haruka did in episode 4 implies quite a bit. XD

A girl invites a person she loves to a hotel room, knowing that they would be alone... She announced that she would be taking a bath (In Japan, you generally take a bath as a prelude before... *cough*sex*cough*
That was probably what the majority was thinking, that was going to happen with Haruka in a towel, and talking to Junichi about confession and all.

[At least their conversation was touching. She didn't know what to do, since Junichi didn't make any moves, eh?
It was touching, the fact Haruka did not have any "Love" experience since she declined any confessions that the boys at her school would give to her. She mostly has 'Friendship" experience. So she was completely clueless to what she would do, or how to do it.

When I saw "10 years later", I was hoping to see a child run around. All I did was O.O when Junichi barged in.

9/10, for the touching events
I was expecting that also, a child would have made all the viewers know what happened that night of the confession
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