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Alright I just rushed through the first arc, some thoughts about it.
I'm really impressed with the girls' art, it's subtle, yet stunning at the same time - so much better than most ecchi series (coming from someone that actually likes ecchi stuff ).

The plot on the other hand was really strange though. Starting with the pace of the first 3 episodes I really thought this series was a more realistic approach to the matter of highschool romance given the fact that the sweet moments were scarce and mostly unimpressive, so I kinda reconciled with that.
However the amount of sweetness at the end of ep 4 hit me like a truck full of sugar. The girl formerly keeping her cool and rarely showing her affection bursted out in super-dere mode, even became desperate and crying? She thought he had given up when they were on a date that he asked for? Heh? Although the scene itself was quite good I thought it was a little out of place and character.
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