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Originally Posted by Elo the Blue View Post
I jumped into the debate and expressed my opinion but sorry, I'm not "Relena fan". As a GW fan, I feel she's one of the best characters in the show but I don't really like her either.
I didn't mean to assume that you were. "Especially" was a wrong choice of word. My bad. But this was the one that you said that I was pointing out, it's not even just for Relena alone:

With Heero and Relena, they embody all the best qualities of GW with their development as people, involvement in the wars, political activism(or disinterest) and youths being able to change the times. Every show has to have it's stars and you'e entitled to believe GW's writers went out of their way to make Relena one. Personally, I think they created and developed her character very well.
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