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Originally Posted by gundamnedgirl03 View Post
LMAO this is just too funny

but am also a relena fan so i agree with everyone who defended her.

@ elo all the more reason why your relena-opinion is the best to ponder on. u don't hate her but u dont deny she's good. finally found a smart non-supporter. im soo happy hahah

Originally Posted by Kitsoru View Post
Naw, only Heavyarms Kai Custom has that. Heavyarms Ka had a preview section in December's Ace that went over its additions/changes (which, to my memory, included a beam saber, and a weird Rambo-esque strap of bullets going across its back.. among other things).
Sweet. I've seen that preview before but didn't realize it was previewing the MG model.

Can't wait...
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