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Shall we?
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Man, everytime I go to bed there will be fireworks. All of you tired of the Relena debate, please skip this post. This is mostly directed at SkullFaerie anyway.

Originally Posted by SkullFaerie View Post
Another thing I appreciated was her allowing Noin to establish a force in Sanc early on. It shows she was realistic- but I'm not sure, it's been a while, was she claiming total pacifism at the time?
She was hence being a hypocrite there That was also one of the times she was being criticized by people, namely Heero.

Originally Posted by SkullFaerie View Post
I guess for such an important character, I would've liked a better portrayal. I'm buying all of her development - minus how the cast sees her. It's the only thing that really bothers me (It's like Sailor Moon! haha! she always bugged me too when I was a kid, it's like everyone has to take a backseat to her)

A problem of old shows, I guess
I'd say. Plus, GW only has 49 episodes so wingzerosnuggles claiming everyone's character development seems fast forwarded is legitimate. It's not everyone's thing to fill in blanks, after all. And it shouldn't be. You have already done more than most fans, both haters and supporters and I'm grateful that you voiced your opinion on this matter. Especially since you don't hate her but simply dislike her portrayal in the show, something I don't agree on but can perfectly understand. Heck, even if that wasn't the case, it's not like there has ever been a character or person that is liked by everyone The opposite is true, as well. Most don't like Mary Sues but there will always be some nut that does.
So please chill, folks.

Though SkullFaerie, if you'll allow me to advice you to pick your words more carefully in a forum that is populated by Relena supporters. Calling her an 'airhead' is bound to set some off
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