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About the compilation volume- I'd like to know too if there will be differences/ eventual fixes

@MichaelKnight: CHILL. No one hates her here. Not even me. Seriously, chill. I criticized her. Get over it. It doesn't mean I hate her.

@wingzerosnuggles: yes, I know they are. That's why I can understand that Relena fans like you are on their toes because she gets bashed a lot, but apparently that means criticizing her can't be done without getting accused of being a "hater" and attacked ridiculously. that's both, too funny and too bad.

I repeat: I NEVER said I hate her, in fact she is the exact character type I usually LIKE (plus, I still kind of like her), but I have some issues with her. I also understand the reasoning behind some of her actions, which is why I stated that the only thing that REALLY bothered me about her was the way the writers and/or cast viewed her. Which is a problem of the way the writers chose to portray her sometimes and is easily fixed by overlooking that and dismissing it as a flaw of the time GW was made.

quick points:

marina: yes, she was useless xD She's another example though of a politician being carried by their name/ what they symbolize though, different from Relena she didn't do much, and Relena could totally kick her ass
I felt maybe Kihel didn't get the crazy attention from the cast, at least for the first half not. I have to rewatch what happened after.
(Outside of Gundam: the entire Geass cast minus Lulu, Sheryl in Macross F, or maybe Macross females minus Minmay in general come to mind spontaneously)

Anyway, enough of that I never said I hated Relena, I technically like her but ALSO criticize her, that's all.

@Elo: 'course heero is the main for the fandom and carries the show. Just couldn't remember if the terrorism issue had ever been brought up, because somehow it would've seemed fitting seeing the overall more serious tone of GW. Somehow it should've been conflicting with Relena's ideals (essentially working with/ supporting terrorists as sovereign of a neutral/pacifist nation) and her credibility to the outside world. But maybe that's why and where she actually did lose some public support, we don't know. It's not criticism, only a thought

@IkuzeMinna: Yes, a little hypocritical, but understandable. You can't really even be neutral without making enemies, let alone yell a controversial, annoying (for the rest of the world) ideology from a mountain and expect to be safe.
You don't need to have an army like Switzerland does, saying "we're neutral you got a problem? We kick your ass!" but at least be able to defend your people- they shouldn't have to potentially die because of your groundbreaking idealism. This is where King Peacecraft screwed up and Relena did well- despite being criticized a bit.

Thanks for understanding my viewpoint/ recognizing I'm only criticizing her :s

About the airhead- issue: It didn't seem like such a problem to me, since it was only directed at the way she seemed to be at school- extremely popular, bratty etc- then we get proven wrong about that impression. It's good- it's similar to Sheryl, or Fllay, and I loved both of their developments. So I didn't even mean it in a bad way

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