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Originally Posted by Dilla View Post
^ Not this time, FUNimation announced the english voice casts and the acquisition of the new Eureka 7, but no Fairy Tail Season 2.
Eh, oh well. Eureka Seven: AO does look promising, but I still need to finish the first series, I've only seen Episodes 1-27, out of 50 episodes lol.

Originally Posted by sergel02 View Post
I was reading on another fairy tail site that said that Fairy Tail season 2 is ready for dubbing, and that episodes 49-51 are almost ready for streaming. The person who has this info found out at ACen this past weekend where funi announced it. Going to wait for something official though, but it gives me hope.
I hope by official, you mean an anime news network news article, or a funimation blog entry.
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