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Ah, I see. I thought you went for canon's "Regenerating parts sacrifice development" and all.

As for the upgrade it then refeed to I.S., that's definitely possible, but not cost efficient. In fact, the whole point of I.S. development is just that: Make unit A, have it evolve, gain data to make stronger unit B as 'finalized' unit. Effectively subverting the usual Super Prototype shtick. Case in point: Zephyr > BT and AkaTsubaki > ByakuShiki

Prototype need to be upgraded to the latest unit's spec if they want to catch up. However, the factories more often than not decided not to, and concentrating with whipping out more finished product as cost saving measure, while giving the prototype experimental toys to tinker with (Packets)

However, the principle do not apply to male units in my verse, which are literal kitbash/frankenmech. This is definitely more cost efficient since creating something at prototype stage is both unreliable and expensive, and they simply pick G2 parts they need from the market and add some native tech, making them gen 2.5 or gen 2.75... this result in their unit being stronger initially, but the prototypes will catch up later.

In a nutshell, proto-G3 < Final G2 < G2.5 = G 2.75 < Final G3
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