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Originally Posted by Telliamed View Post
I'm with you, Risaa. It's not that I didn't consider how the food conversation could be perverted. Just when the idea occurred to me, I instantly rejected it as obscene and unnecessary. I'm enjoying L*S just fine without having to turn everything into a sex joke. And I doubt that that is what the writers really intend it to be.

Not that they aren't making some off-color jokes. Konata playing eroga and teasing Miyuki about her moeness. It's not exploitative, though.

And I know better than to describe the way I used to eat ice cream cones. Certain people here would get totally the wrong idea. It was a trick to get around not being able to eat all the ice cream before it melted. Nowadays, of course, I just eat normally since melting isn't a problem. But back then it was a cute and clever thing I and my brother and sister all did. And they've taught the trick to their children. That someone would be able to make a crude innuendo out of it doesn't escape me, and he may think himself clever for doing so. I just think it's tasteless and unimpressive.
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