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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Gaming has gone down the drain since the X-Box came out. PS-2 used to have all the best games, and gamecube had quite a few marvelous titles when it first came out (Then preceded to sit there and rot)...

I really blame xbox for this downward spiral of a mess of FPS games. That's all that comes out these days. And while I do like to play things like COD4 MW, it is extremely annoying when that seems to be the only thing out there.

I guess you could also blame the PC gaming industry's recent failures on Blizzard destroying the market with their MMORPG monster known as WOW, but I think it is just an emphasis on the wrong type of games being developed.

And as everyone else has pretty much stated... Investors like to see what they know will work."

Gaming was better off as a niche hobby. Screw the casual gamers. The massive influx of FPS's, the abomination known as the Wii, the PS3's lack of creative games compared to its previous generations, and the XBOX can all be attributed to them ruining current gaming.
This deserves a 10/10 in my books, you just explained everything that ruined what used to be a very enjoying gaming experience for me.

Since the people from WoW do not want to give up all the money they spent on it and the life-time they spent on it as well, no other MMORPG can match it in player-base and that just leaves all the other MMORPG that the other companies make worthless since their is not enough support going around with people hanging on to WoW.
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