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It's not that WoW killed other MMORPGs, it's that for a while it was killing all PC gaming, and for two reasons:

1) Blizzard was not making new PC gamers, it was making new WoW gamers. People who would never even buy a discrete GPU if WoW didn't exist. People who bought gaming PCs just to play WoW. I know because I built a bunch of low-end gaming computers for people who wanted to play WoW. I never understood why Blizzard didn't just port it to the 360 like Square-Enix did with FFXI.

2) WoW's anomalous mainstream success caused a huge number of game developers to drop or put promising single-player projects on hold in order to make the next "WoW Killer." None of these mainstream-oriented MMORPGs ever killed WoW. Most of them are gone now. Some have been relegated to free-to-play status (D&D Online anyone?) The only one that really achieved any modicum of mainstream success was Guild Wars, which absolutely did not follow WoW's model.

(Note that this doesn't apply to more niche-oriented MMORPGs such as Eve Online and Final Fantasy XI, both of which are still going strong, albeit with small playerbases).

Fortunately for us, the fad has worn off. The afterglow is starting to fade, especially as WoW's graphics engine continues to look even more ancient. Fortunately for Blizzard, The Old Republic doesn't really wow in terms of visuals, but Final Fantasy XIV's use of the Crystal Tools engine (same engine used in Final Fantasy XIII) stomps all over WoW in terms of graphics.
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