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Originally Posted by Cub-Sama View Post
I have a good idea for a game where 4 fairytales are retold (Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Pinnochio), in a gritty way with cartoon graphics (similar to Psychonauts). Each with different play styles, Hansel and Gretel is a Bioshock/Alan Wake-esque atmospheric shooter RPG, with a co-op option where the player can play as either Hansel or Gretel in single or have both being controlled in Co-op. It will need teamwork to survive through the forest to get to the candy house and when you do it turns out that the house is a hallucinogen that takes to confront their personal demons, during their slumber the witch is plotting to sell you on the black market as slaves. In this part of the game you go inside the psyches of Hansel and Gretel as they confront their faults and problems, in the shape of bosses, this part you play individually but in co-op you can give items that are no use to you to your partner to help them.

That is just one part of my idea, Little Red Riding Hood would be a action-adventure hack and slash, Jack would be a Prince of Persia-esque platformer and Pinnochio would be a choice rpg with adventure elements. Would investors risk their cash in an idea like this? Probably not
on a percent it would be 95% that inventors would not cash on the idea, but it is does seem like a good idea
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