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Originally Posted by White Silver King View Post
I concur with MihawkXGP. Budda is definitely the strongest Zoan we've seen. Marco's own power makes his fruit strong, but Sengoku's fruit gives him that shockwave ability that had enough juice to take out the entire BB crew in one shot.
Wrong. BB and his crew easily withstood Sengoku's shockwave. They were still fighting throughout the war until Shanks put a stop to it.

Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
People always seem to forget that the rarest Zoan we've seen so far is actually the Ancient Zoan of Drake X, he's a freaking dinosaur.
Mythical Zoans are even rarer than Logias, as stated by Kizaru. Prior to that point in the story, since it was established that Logias were the rarest, by extension that means Mythical Zoans are the rarest abilities to obtain in the One Piece universe.
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