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People always seem to forget that the rarest Zoan we've seen so far is actually the Ancient Zoan of Drake X, he's a freaking dinosaur.

If we follow what Chopper said about Lucci being a carnivore gives him much greater strength and aggressiveness than herbivores, I'm sure Drake X must be insanely strong. Even in human form, he parried and deflected Urouge and Killer who were charging head on, with just one arm for each man. He was able to bite a Pacifista with so much crushing force that it started bleeding. Even Zoro had problem cutting through the armour and no one else had dealt a blow strong enough to cause a Pacifista to bleed.

While I'll have to agree with Blackbeard D. Kuma on correcting you about which is the rarest Zoan-type, I am with you on wanting to see more of X Drake and his dino fruit. I'm especially curious to see if he's even able to achieve an Awakened state with his power.....
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