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Originally Posted by Akashin View Post
Don't recall saying that either though. I never implied that those shouldn't count. I was just replying to his point, and what he said was:

Hashirama can defeat Tailed Beasts (thanks to Mokuton, which is specifically designed to do exactly that). Hiruzen cannot defeat the Kyuubi. Therefore, Hashirama has to be stronger.

And I said that makes no sense. Mokuton and Sharingan are pretty much cheats when it comes to handling Tailed Beasts, so saying that somebody with one of them is automatically stronger than somebody who can't handle a Tailed Beast but doesn't have either of those is stupid.
hmm. your point keeps sounding the same to me. I'm saying those aren't cheats in any way and are indicative of someone's power. I don't think any ability is a cheat (with the possible exception of ET, but I'd rather classify that as someone's power as well) any ability can be labeled as a cheat if you break it down into what it is strong against. kisame was weak against gai's speed and strength. that doesn't imply gai's ability is a cheat or any less powerful because of that.

Hashirama could be stronger. I've done some double-checking on ET, and I'm somewhat convinced now on the argument that Orochimaru's ET may have been incomplete. All I'm saying is that Hashirama isn't automatically stronger on the point of being able to handle a Tailed Beast alone, because I'm reasonably certain that if Hiruzen had Mokuton or the Sharingan he'd make a fool out of the Tailed Beasts too. That's just what those two things do.
right, but this is where you slip into altering the story. hiruzen didnt have those things so it doesn't matter. if Kiba had EMS, mokuton, as much chakra as naruto and the mind of shikamaru then he would be among the best. what you're saying is totally hypothethetical
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