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I saw a few people talking how Zoan users only have 3 transformations (Though the activated zoan is 4), and for most that is true. But I think anyone, with practice, can use many more. Chopper used the rumble ball at first... but in recent episodes, we've seen him use Guard Point with no rumble ball at all.
I believe that zoans can be extremely powerful, but as in every other type, it takes practice.
I'm not sure Chopper can be used as an example of the potential of devil fruits. Considering the rumble ball, it seems more likely that chopper's additional transformations did not come from practice, but through medical tampering; Basically Chopper figured out a way to create a medicine that would make his rumble ball state permanent. No amount of practice could give a Zoan user additional transformations; it can only be achieved through science. We can't be sure until we see otherwise

Though thinking about it, i wonder if it could be that chopper's "monster point" could actually be his awakened form. If that were the case then it might lend evidence of Zoan users being able to have more control over their power since that would mean all of the awakened zoans would have achieved what chopper did with his rumble balls. If those zoans could achieve "monster point", then why not anything else that chopper could do? in that sence, that would mean chopper found a short dut with the rumble ball and that he did just learn to control it proper all on his own in the 2 years
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