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you just sound like you're looking for excuses now(poor ones) what's the likelihood of even that idiot going around student to student saying "oh you know the watsuski(sp?) twins they're totally gettin' it on" lets not forget those two helped stopped shuri from petitioning her fathers project. I highly doubt the principals have a vendetta against the twin's father, they're just trying to keep control(doing a sh***y job of it too) face it the only way that makes any sense if it was if the original sender of the letter did it and Asami is clearly the best option for it they definitely gave us enough foreshadowing for it to be her, people were already making assumptions about her being the one last ep cause seriously who else could it have been?
*sigh* Just saying, just saying. I was making no real point. Don't mind, don't mind. -_-
I'm not even going back into the circle of "enough or not enough foreshadowing" for now... *kind of tired*
Just to answer a simple question, who could it be? The step-mom, but it seems that it wouldn't have satisfied the viewers because of how simple it is.

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Seriously, why the heck are we even discussing something so trivial?
No offense, but it isn't convincing when you follow this sentence with whole paragraphs...

EDIT: One more thing...

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SO because of this we end up discussing the possibility of a 12-13 year old being the arsonists and why it wold be bad or not... What?.. Ok, I cannot understand why we bring reality as a defense when we are watching something so unrealistic. FRIENDS in real life are almost never like this. Why do they all have such screwed up pasts? Why are they all so emotional? People seem to be forgetting that this is a fictional tail. In stories like this, emotions and events are the extreme representations of what is going on in real life. I can't think of anyone who would ride a bike like that chasing after a train for that distance... nor can I think of anyone in my life who acts like Aoi.
So you think that because this isn't real, anything is allowed to happen? If we can't bring in reality to use as defense, then the line between fantasy and real life might as well collapse.
*Sana grows wings and a giant demon bird's head* <-- Yeah, because this is fictional, we don't need reality for anything in this fiction, so let's add this in and say okay...
You don't know anyone like that, but I'm sure stuff like "screwed up pasts" exist in real life. Just not around you.

Random note: When was an anime a tail? At the most, a tale, but not a tail.


Episode 13's title is:

Spoiler for title *drumroll*:

Make it as you will. The title could mean anything and be anything...

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