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Sorry, but not all writers have an abundance of experience. Most writers write based on pure imagination and/or research of the place and/or time. I doubt Tolken(sp?) came from Middle Earth.

Ok, I have yet to see an intelligent argument as to how this show has good writing. The pros so far seems more like a fans blantely defending something they're a fan of. The "well, it happens in real life" isn't a good argument. In literature, we stand at a different perspective, one cannot hope to realize in our 1st person world. There were many things the writer(s) could've done to make it feel that Asami was the one who did it. And no, a shakey eye moment at the theme park isn't enough >_>...

Like for example; they could've at least shown more obvious hints that she had some sort of feelings for Shuri, we don't need to know that she confessed before yet, we just need to know that some sort of "feelings" are there. Then throw in some things like sometime during the show inner thoughts were discussed but for some reason she avoided the discussion. Have some scenes where it looked like Asami is just lost in thought for some reason, like when she part ways from Shuri after a night out with the gang. Then on the night before the letter was touched upon, show a shadowy figure in front of a computer typing something, make it indistiguishable from the mom and her. All these little things can be overlooked by a normal viewer, and to some, they'll just think she's gay, but never psycho gay that would be the plot twist.

As I stated before, the fact that the step-mother wasn't involved in all of this, leaves a huge plot hole for the family situation. The twins story has ended, only 2 episodes left to wrap things up, and they need to finish Nanaka's and Sana's story. The writers spent a good 1/4 of the series on Hinako, who is cute character, but ultimately pointless to the entire plot of a 13 episode show. This show lacks focus and the writers needs to get replaced.
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