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Originally Posted by Saleh View Post
I would have agreed but then critics who are put off by the anime adaptation would end up buying the game because author of Infinity series adds a lot of credibility to M; Y game. Others would buy it because they liked the anime or because they were overwhelmed by their curiousity. Is there anyone else who thinks that M; Y would end up in top 10 visual novel sales ranking for 2008?
I agree, but I think it depends more on what the viewers in Japan think about this, which is probably very different from our own opinions. Kimikiss has even more threads on 2chan than Gundam 00, but here Kimikiss has only a single thread while Gundam enjoys it's own sub-board with several times more posts. Just because the silent majority here likes M;Y, doesn't mean the same applies overseas where people can actually play the game.
Just by having a known writer and decent art, it would probably generate significant sales, but it depends on how the anime is perceived over there.

I don't even know what to think of this. Is it another story entirely like NoSanninWa suggests? Or have they actually spoiled most of the plot twists? Or is this some prequel to the game? Just what is the relation there?
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