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skydragon: i really have to agree with you. too many unanswered questions. like: the girl twin- why is she the only one with a different uniform o__O;
i think this episode was a little rushed.. i mean cmon, they put in nanaka's violin teacher who died.. now it was nice to finally know who started the fire. the part where hidaka finds nanaka trying to kill herself.. i thought that was pretty random and unnecessary =___= and what was even more strange was when we find out that hidaka used to cut himself. it really doesn't make much sense since he's hardly shown himself depressed at anything during the 12 episodes leading to this.

the 10 years later thing kinda reminds me of the beginning of episode 1, because it had the same feeling. Choosing to end it like this.. wasn't actually that bad. It was actually a pretty cute ending.
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