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Originally Posted by panzerfan View Post
Well, at least it is clear that the decision to have a child went into fruition with some sense talked into the people involved. I honestly am more than impressed with Akio and Sanae regarding how they recognized what their roles are at this point of their daughter's life. Akio has shown maturity by not letting his own instinctive feelings and emotions intervene with the logical course of actions, and Sanae supported the couple while ebbing them to mature into parental roles.

@Proto: unfortunately, the best-laid out planned in this take by KyoAni became moot due to the heavy snowfall and the early birth...
I am glad that decided to go to the hospital and all that. It would be irresponsible and make them complete fools to do a home birth if her life was at stake.

Originally Posted by Sorrow-K View Post
Did you watch the episode? She conceded. She was going to go to the hospital, but they were snowed in.

It really wasn't anyone's fault, it was simply bad luck. I certainly don't think it's fair to label this as forced drama when nothing that happened was the result of a bad or unjustified decision made by any one character. Given the cruel twist of fate, and the fact that if just one thing was different with the delivery, she may have survived, it could almost be seen as fate that she died that day.
Bad luck indeed. Like Tomoya said, of all days it had to start the day of the snow storm.
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