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I absolutely didn't want to stir matters about personal point of view etc, but factual statements like this irk me like no tomorrow.
Originally Posted by Master Chibi View Post
Considering the condition she was in, even staying for a week would have been completely feasible. Given who Nagisa is, and the condition of her body overall, that apartment was the absolute worst place for her to be. Gooooooood job.
Originally Posted by Master Chibi View Post
Do we have dates for damn near ANYTHING IMPORTANT IN THIS SHOW?
Please stop state stuff that don't make sense AT ALL. If you don't know medical care and the like, please don't post that.

1 week? Even preemptive hospitalization of mere 1-2 days CAN BE refused, because of place and queue issue.
1 week is downright impossible for most case, and this is even worse for pregnancy and birth.

And date? I don't think if I should burst your bubble, but science is not almighty. Determining the term of pregnancy is by no mean accurate science. In general, it is MUCH rarer to have a exact date for the birth date, people assuming you have a general leeway of 1 week.
However, preterm and the like are common events, so it is nearly impossible to predict that (especially when the bag of waters rupturs by itself out of nowhere). People having birth during flight travels and the like are absolutely not at fault most of the case: they can't command at will when the labor starts (until you do it forcefully, post-term, with heavy dosis of prostaglandin and performing an amniotomy).

While the snow might be debatable, the date and the circumstances of the labor are absolutely NOT controllable, let alone predictable.
Mothers waiting in hospital before labor is a DAMN MYTH. The vast majority have to go the hospital as an emergency, only when they dumbfoundedly notice that the amniotic sac is ruptured.
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