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Yeah but you say that like it's a cute little thing that she can get away with what she wants, this is her life we're talking about, not whether or not he goes out to get her a pint of ice cream or buys her jewelry or the like.


When has Nagisa ever asked for something like that? She wouldn't. What she really cares about is accomplishing her goals, and pushing the envelope to do it because she is ill.

She didn't have to finish High School. Tomoya wanted to take care of her. She could have worked with her parents at the bakery. But she wanted to finish and she pushed her physical limits in order to do it.

It would have been uncharacteristic for her to give up on having the baby. And it would have been uncharacteristic of Tomoya to tell her that she couldn't have the baby. If that's the way the story went all believability would have completely gone out the window.
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