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That scene really shouldn't be understated. It's easy to glance over the importance of it after the impact of what just happened.
I don’t think I did that. It’s because I understood the importance of that scene that it broke my heart.

Originally Posted by Gundampilotspaz View Post
But that scene and his dialogue have now set the mood for the rest of the series.
I completely agree with you.

Originally Posted by Gundampilotspaz View Post
Tomoya wants to go back so far that he never met Nagisa. Tomoya is willing to sacrifice the revitalization of his life in order to save Nagisa. Everything that he had accomplished from that point was because he met Nagisa. He might not have graduated high school, he wouldn't have the promising career he has, and he definitely wouldn't be able to maintain a relationship.
I understand your point, but the reason why I said it was a selfish wish is because of what Tomoya himself said during that scene. He wished to have never met Nagisa and then he said “then this sadness would never have haunted me”. So the wish is not just to save Nagisa is also so he didn’t have to go through such a great sadness and pain. The wish is also for Tomoya’s sake. I see your point and that’s why I now think Tomoya’s wish was not as selfish as I thought it was, but I still think it was selfish.

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