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He also built a happy future for Nagisa if they had never met. he said something to the effect of, "She would have met someone else and lived a long happy life..."
I agree with you on that, that’s why I said "I now think Tomoya’s wish was not as selfish as I thought it was". In a way, he would have sacrificed all the happiness he had with Nagisa if that would mean Nagisa alive and happy.

Originally Posted by Gundampilotspaz View Post
But you also have to take into effect the idea I stated above, the reason that Tomoya was able to grow as a character was because of Nagisa.
I took it and I agree with you, and moreover, that’s one of the reasons why I love Tomoya x Nagisa so much.
Originally Posted by Gundampilotspaz View Post
So if he never called out to her on that day everything he has accomplished would also be erased. He is willing to do that if she could still be alive.
I agree…but that doesn’t erase the fact that the wish was a little selfish…I’m not condemning Tomoya for doing it…I mean it’s normal for a person to want to protect himself or herself from pain and sadness.

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