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I've seen the movie last night. The usage of CG is simply gorgeous. I wouldn't mind reading about how the animation crew got about handling the technical detail in regards to animation in this feature.

It's probably one of the simplistic setting for a storyline with a very good animation effort that I've seen in a while. I've come to notice that recently whenever there is a big-budget animated movie comes out, it tends to rely on a complicated way of story-telling to say the most simplistic of things. I would also advise caution to anyone who hasn't seen the movie to not to read the thread because the movie has one serious jolt that would ruin the enjoyment of the whole story if one comes to know it without watching it. Avoid spoilers at all cost until you've seen it. The entire story is a carefully laid set-up to lead to this tiny little fact. It was very sobering to watch it.
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