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Originally Posted by humbug23 View Post
If Oshii makes a fun show I'll be off straight to buy the lottery.
Hah! I figured as much. It's worth noting though, that he's quite capable of doing so.

Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
I wholeheartedly agree. The Sky Crawlers is Oshii's most accessible work to date (not counting Patlabor). You don't have to be highly perceptive to see how everything fits in the end, although a second viewing does help tremendously (because you'd know what to look out for).
Well, that's somewhat encouraging. Nevermind newbies though, I fell asleep watching Innocence when I borrowed the DVD from a friend.

Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
I can't wait for more people to see the movie. There's so much I'd like to discuss, but have been refraining from doing so because of the inadvertent spoilers I'd reveal.
Please don't worry on my behalf or anything like that. I only poked my head here because I saw that monir-sempai posted. I shall now stay away until I watch the film (which may or may not be in the near future). Oshii toning things down a bit is quite encouraging.

Originally Posted by monir View Post
We can go about discussing the movie. Some of us will even give the fans a chance to not to read the content by putting it in the spoiler tags so those fans are given further choices. Go ahead with your discussion.
Yup. Just to note, I only read the first sentence, but that's enough explanation for my needs.
I really liked the sound of the concept when I first heard about Sky Crawlers - an alternate universe story about early jet fighter pilots. That's right up my alley, so I was quite enthused about it until I heard that Oshii was directing. Still, I've enjoyed Oshii's works in the past, and it's good to hear that this isn't one of his more self-indulgent works, so I'll probably get the DVD the next time I decide to go and splurge. Heck, I went and got the Skyboys DVD because of the subject even though I knew that it was trash. Sky Crawlers has to be better than that.
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