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I've read the manga up to latest chapter, 38 i think?, and the angel-girl only makes a slight cameo and is not fully explained. They were on track to explain her, but then threw in a random ero-chapter that derailed the most recent arc entirely.

Here's what we do know though:

I hope that helps, or at least doesn't attract the anger of some mod who says no manga spoilers lol.
well the biggest mystery is what is going on.... since there was a plot related chapters and it was very interesting... later it was broken with some ero-chapters that are not related to the serious plot at all.....

Spoiler for ...contains spoiler [not related with next release but past releases ^^]:

Time will show... but I hope the author will go back to the plot rails again... and drop that ero-chapters for a while since its getting boring [too much is too much...]

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