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Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
Hm, interesting. What's all this about dark pieces and stuff? Was that the plot of the PSP game? If so, could you give the rest of us a little summary of the events?
Oh, dark pieces are the copies of all the characters that are running around during the story line in the game. They are not the Materials, just copies of the characters at certain part of their pass.

I've have yet to play that game and only knows what going on from the the PSP thread, Nico videos, and the untranslated 4-komi.

The basic story is that after the end of A's (not epilogue) Reinforce did not disappear, and the Defense Program created clones of almost everyone (no Arf, or Yuuno sadly) and let them louse. So everyone goes around beating up the fakes and the Materials.

The most interesting point of Reinforce's Story line is at the end when

I'm making interpretation as to what happen during the event of the PSP plot.

All the storyline I know well are the ones are those that was translated on the PSP thread.

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