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Originally Posted by 00-Raiser View Post
Corrections in spoilers as per usual.

A great action packed chapter. Unfortunately Randy was too helpful to live. Uno's pretty awesome in this, so good job on making her so cool. Well now that that little side trip is over, I wonder where this journey will head next. Great job!
Haha, what makes you think it's merely a side trip? I know I showed you some of the notes I had when I planned this awhile back, but as I said before, a lot has changed. I even have a couple of possible endings, and haven't actually decided which one I'd like to do more.... ;p

And as for Uno, yeah, I like to hit those lesser used characters and really explore their potential. I killed her off in Crisis, so I couldn't explore her more there. This is kinda me letting her shine a bit, in an unexpected role, heh.

The original Randy was one of the bridge crew on the Athra. Him and his buddy Alex were the only background characters who got names
Your knowledge of Nanoha characters continues to amaze and scare me! Again, my obsession with exploring other characters, although in a roundabout way this time.

And thanks again for the corrections!
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