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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Haha, what makes you think it's merely a side trip? I know I showed you some of the notes I had when I planned this awhile back, but as I said before, a lot has changed. I even have a couple of possible endings, and haven't actually decided which one I'd like to do more.... ;p
Well, I only remember a few details from your notes

Anyways, I call it a side trip because originally Nanoha and Uno were headed across the sea, but they ended up going off course to the base instead. Now I'm assuming they're going back to their original travel plan.

Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Your knowledge of Nanoha characters continues to amaze and scare me! Again, my obsession with exploring other characters, although in a roundabout way this time.
Well, I remember Alex and Randy by name, but by sight I don't remember who is who I know one of them wears glasses and one is voiced by the Wolkenritter's devices/Simon, but don't know which off the top of my head.
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