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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
The only thing they have problem with is air defence. With the S300 I doubt even the B2 is able to pass through them during night raids.
don't worry about the S300 - its already got a counter weapon system.
if need be, it can be removed with relative ease and without losses to the air force attacking them.
provided, of course, that the one doing the removing was committed to an all out war and not a single on shot strike against specific targets (which is the only reason why its a concern right now).

Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Besides, they have proper parachute brigades, light infantry and commandos unlike the other ME countries. Defence and offense wouldn't be a problem : if they can make it difficult for Iraq to win the Iran-Iraq war, they can do the same for US today.
they were up against Iraq last time.
not a modern western army like the US army.
desert storm showed just how poorly trained, equipped, and demoralized Iraq's army was, and that war between Iran and Iraq lasted for years. (albiet, with western support for Iraq)
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