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Originally Posted by MrTerrorist View Post
Wow. Jackie was trying to be moderate and Hong Kong calls him a traitor.

That's harsh.
The thing is that Jackie Chan is not a talker, but an doer, especially with his fortune and the donations he made in time of floods and disasters. Sometimes, I think he shouldn't talk about a matter without knowing enough info because I think he's easily misunderstood because the poor wording he used etc..

Originally Posted by sa547 View Post
All right, I'm stepping in.

I feel real humiliated about the damned hostage crisis.

Personally I'm damn sick of watching one part of the world turn into /b/, all because of one ex-cop who thought hijacking a bus was a great idea, to make the whole world pay attention and to force the government (especially the controversial Ombudsman) to bring back his job (even though he had only months left before retirement).

Why the late Mendoza (the ex-cop/hijacker in question) simply don't let go of his cop career and live? Because, frankly and sadly, this country sometimes breeds a few desperadoes who will go to great lengths to get or fight or kill for what they desire or keep... and in Mendoza's case, losing his career means losing his retirement benefits.

So from that night onward, I (and millions) will have to live with yet another pockmark of humiliation... and we as a nation, whether for good or bad, will be paying dearly for one man's extreme act of desperation.

"Everyone's responsible for everything he does."
Well, you should not feel ashamed because of the hostage taking and the result of it, since you have nothing to do with it. There's no relativity and causality at all! The government and police of the Philippines have made miscalculations/mistakes which could have been avoided by proper planning. What were they thinking, sending police officers who didn't have any determination to save the hostages (when they retreated because the hostage taker began to shoot and after a long time the police began to act again and went for a second try, a large part of the hostages would be dead by then; did the police know this is not an exercise)? And killing the hostage-taker Mendoza does not help a thing at all, it's better to catch him alive and bring him to justice. Perhaps there's something behind it that this Mendoza had to die?
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