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Originally Posted by Xion Valkyrie View Post
Also, using a nuke would be suicide on Iran's part, as it'd make it 'okay' for the west to nuke all their cities out of existence. I'm sure the US is more than willing to sacrifice Israel if it gives them the excuse they can use to wipe most of the ME off the planet.
"wipe most the ME off the planet"
a bit extreme don't you think ?

the middle east is an area you CONTROL, not DESTROY.
it contains too many valuable resources to just wipe it off the planet altogether.
it contains much of the world's deposits of oil, jews, natural gas, phosphate, and a considerable amount of religious places (tourist bait).
the goal is to take control over the area so it serves your benefit, not destroy it.

Originally Posted by Jinto View Post
That is why systems like goalkeeper or sky shield exist. Targets become more visible for radars the closer they get. Therefore you have (at least in future western setups) a long range, medium range and short range defense - each targeting different attack crafts/amunition.
this is the future CWIS set up (at which point, a newer drone would be developed to counter that), but its not yet ready in Iran.
also, keep in mind that the drone is VERY small in terms of aircraft (its 2x2.5 meters), so actually spotting it is much harder by day, and virtually impossible at night.
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