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Originally Posted by miss-deep View Post
I agree that the accuracy of the costume is off in several places but come on, hooker-ish shoes? What a mature assessment of mary jane pumps.
Just because you don't agree with what I said, that doesn't make my comment immature. If you're offended because you happen to wear mary jane pumps yourself and are not a promiscuous person, then I sincerely apologize. Otherwise, lighten up -- I was only joking. It is NOT that serious. They're just some damned shoes. Sheesh...

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Am I the only one starting to root for the elder bairns?
I think I am, too. I don't know what your reasons for it are, but for me, the more success the elders have in ripping the inhabitants of that town apart, the more interesting this show becomes.

Part of me kind of even wants to see everyone she cares about get really messed up, so we can see a buck-wild and purely untamed Saya. But that's why I'm a viewer, and not a writer. I doubt that will happen. :B
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