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Originally Posted by Sinestra View Post
Im loving the new OP btw why do i have the feeling that the so called bad guys we see in the opening are the ones that guard Fairy Tails first master tomb and they look insanely strong.
Why would they guard something so sacred to Fairy Tail from Fairy Tail? Besides, you may or may not have noticed that the lady with the orb in the opening is Ultear, the one who pulled Jellal's strings (she looks almost identical to how she did when she last appeared in episode 52, where she was revealed to be a member of the dark guild Grimoire Heart). And in case you forgot what Ultear said in episodes 48 and 52, the bad guys she's working with are looking for something, not guarding something. Judging from what was said in those episodes, that "something" they're looking for sure ain't related to Fairy Tail. If anything, Fairy Tail is just an obstacle to them. Rewatch these two episodes and see what I mean.
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