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Just watched the subs recently.
Nawww I'm so happy to see the cute orphan Shana and also on how she was found . Though I wanted to also see how she first met Wilhelmina and Alastor and how she ended up in Tendoukyuu.

I agree with everyone who said there should be more Yuji x Shana moments. Is it me or does Yuji seems to get more scary and creepy in each released episode?

The nightmare Shana experiences shows how scared she is of Yuji. Was that how Shana was defeated by Yuji in episode 4?

Anyway, that intimate scene was obviously really intense. Man, Yuji is creepy now and if you think about it at the beginning of sns, Yuji feared the 'Flame haired burning eyed hunter' and Shana was kick-ass strong while Yuji was just a wimp.
However, now its the reverse. We see Yuji so confident and strong and Shana so fearful of him and devoid of all her powers.
"You're always so reckless" quote had me thinking alot. It made me question as to whether Yuji has completely turned evil and how much Yuji has changed, in a good or bad way. And "You are impudent indeed"? how can Alastor say that to Shana?

I found Yuji to be stupid in not knowing how Shana feels about him and how she fears him.

Overall, I expected more action of this episode but oh well I'm patient enough to wait for more Shana x Yuji moments xD
Wait on second thought, I'm a crazy sns fan so I'm not patient at all.

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