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Yeah...the director stated that a lot of the scenes from this episodes were saved up for the BD release. They wanted to have the episode finishes on that cliffhanger, and it's the best way to keep the tv watchers entertained while keeping the core of the story.

Not only the gore scenes, but the conversation Iri has with both Saber and Kiritsugu were omitted in favour of time. Oh well, at least if you are really interested in the story you can always wait for the BD release. At the moment IMO it's handled sufficiently and in an adequate manner.

Love those special effects Ufotable puts in, just puts every other TV series to shame. To glad they finally use that track from the PV. The battle sequences are really smart and well thought out, and a huge enjoyment every week. And Oh My God those reflections, I wonder how much work Ufotable dedicated into the department to make everything looks fantastic.

I really hope they explore Caster's backstory though, as judging from what i'd known from JdA's story it could turn out to be quite tearful. You just don't turn crazy and demented like that without a massive psychological trauma. The conversation between Caster and Saber hinted a lot at it. With the concept art released for JdA on the magazine I hope my wish would be granted.

It's really nice to see Archbald showing us what he's capable of, and that justifies his decision to have his wife to be the mana supply. Just imagine if both Lancer and him are on the battlefield at the same time, the offensive and defensive power would be quite high tier. No wonder he's so confident coming into this war. Though having said that, I have a feeling that his confidence and pride will hurt him so bad. After all, it's Urobuchi that we are talking about who's doing the script.

and that smirk
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