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Ok, now can anyone tell me why Saber's so god damned weak in the series? It's been twice since she gets her ass kicked in a 1v1 scenario and any interference actually was in her favor. This isn't exactly very respectable for someone that's considered the strongest servant of them all, and Emiya seems to be a perfectly competent mage.

Now, we have issues like Caster obviously having prepared for a trap to prepare a battlefield to his liking, but it doesn't really reflect well on Saber's awareness. I guess she could be holding out her trump card phantasms for later on, but it's pretty silly to do this if she's gonna get owned right now though.

On the other hand, this episode had some great stuff. Caster using the children to bait Saber in and Saber's incredible sense of honor and concern shined throughout the whole episode. Emiya still seems kinda hollow, but it seems that he's spent all the years having this cold exterior to put it all on the line. It's nice that we know Iris and Emiya's place with the world and with others.

Apparently Emiya can stop time and combine it with firearms. Ahh, well, that's a cool and familiar combo.

And once again Alexander steals the show, simply showing off the fact that he doesn't give a shit and will accept deliveries. Poor Waver can't hold his position as a master.

I would rate this episode higher, but the abrupt ending to the episode really hurts. 8/10 for a strong showing.
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