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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Well, this isn't exactly the first case of cannibalism we've had in OP.... recall that Wapol tried to eat Luffy a couple times in the past, as well.
True, but in Wapol's case it was done in a more comical way and he only did it because of his devil fruit which allowed him to absorb the powers of what he ate.

Charlotte actually made it threatening and kind of terrifying. The thought she'd casually eat one of her crew members just because she's hungry without any remorse is very sociopathic of her. There's no indication that she can do it because of a devil fruit or not yet too.

I think it's pretty clear now with this chapter's events that she's been set up as an antagonist. Any sort of chance that she would ever ally herself with the Straw Hats at any point has practically vanished.
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