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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
Not all magic, just shooting magic and flight, Binds are good but not enough to completely defeat a regenerationg golem. As i've said before, i agree on attacking the caster as a valid tactic.
Why? Even D-rankers can do shooting and flight magic. And those guys would be redshirt-level even in ZnT-verse.

Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
And returns me to retort you that Gandalfr magic works on anything that was intended as a weapon from their very conception/creation. A fork will work if the person who make that do it with the intention of it being a weapon. Gauntlets and armored boots with hidden or imbued weaponry(knuckle/heel reinforcements, spikes, hidden blades, etc..) are obvioysly created with the purouse of being weapons. even monk gauntlets are made with the purpouse of allow the user to hit an opponent harder xD!

In resume, Gandalfr only work with what's planned to be a weapon from the very beginning, not with something improvised to be a weapon along the way. If a broomstick was constructed secretly to be aweapon, then the Gandalfr will gain instant expertise with it, if it's just a common broomstick made with the purpouse of cleaning stuff, then Gandalfr has no effect on it.
And Arf's gauntlets aren't, which was my point. Those are designed for defensive purposes. Arf's merely using them to make her punches land harder.
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